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Stay ahead of the Conventional Workflow.

Aspire in assured Autonomous Mobility.

Visualise reality with our Mobile robots.


HAUL offers you a single source solution to all the manufacturing challenges from internal supply of components in production lines to end of assembly line or logistics. We can give the most adaptable configuration options and pave way for seamless production.

The fast adaptation of our robots helps in rapid increase throughput, improved robustness, reduced labor costs and expenses. Reduction in cycle time.

Hauls software ensures optimized operations in demanding market conditions.

HAUL continually innovates a comprehensive range of products, systems and services that increase efficiency, reliability and productivity for our industrial, utility and infrastructure customers.

Happy Customer

We ensure reliable service to customers and believe in providing safer intralogistics solutions autonomously. We decrease the initial investment and reflect on the lower maintenance.

We are Exceptional

The ability to accurately perceive these tasks in real-time is incredibly challenging, but that’s what makes HAUL so valuable in a constantly evolving and technologically advancing work environment.

We are independent of additional infrastructure to be setup for operating the AMR. Our control software can be integrated with limited hardware dependencies, improve effectiveness and efficiency in movement.

We offer Modular Frame Structure, where dimensions can be customized as per customer site limitations and applications.

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