Don't Change a Thing,
We Adapt to you.

Keep your racks and your floors, as they are. The compact size and mobility of our robots allow them to work with any layout—existing or greenfield—and continue to adapt as changes are made to infrastructure over time.

Meet volume spikes and fill workforce gaps.

Adapt to the 24/7 worker, change and schedule the routine jobs, make changes to the shifts based on workforce and demand spike.

Indoor Applications

Fully Electric Model

  • Manual(tele-op) / Semi-Autonomous / Full Autonomous Operation of Robot / Vehicle
  • Transportation of Raw Materials / Semi- finished and finished goods
  • Movement of Crates / Barrels / Bins / Racks
  • Load Position : On top of the Robot / Tugging of carts behind the Robot
  • Payload Capacity: 150 – 1500Kgs (on robot) ; 1.5x for tugging the cart with load
  • Indoor patrolling and video footage for security purpose
  • Real time warehouse mapping
  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • Non-stop operation with hot-swappable batteries

Customize in Almost No Time

Our AMRs are relatively easy to deploy they can be switched to perform new tasks. They can also be moved between facilities with relative ease, enabling automation even in the short term. Our AMRs can effectively travel within a facility with advance obstacle avoidance and anti-collision technology such as product, infrastructure, or people. Employing our AMRs for repeatable tasks, allows operations to remove the potential for human error and drastically improve the overall safety of a facility. Our AMR Safety Zone allows to modify operational speeds in critical areas!

Get Out of the Squeezing Pressures and Become the Leader
with Haul’s Retail Automation!

  • Automated shopping carts for new age supermarkets and mall
  • Allows shoppers to freely check out as they put them in the cart and keeps updating tally for the running sum.
  • Inventory scanning,
  • Robust operating systems, data-collection and data-analysis tools
  • Improve customer services with personalized product recommendations.

Outdoor Applications: Surveillance and Security

  • Petrol Version (ATV Platform); On-Demand – Electric Version is available
  • Stage 1 : Tele-operated vehicle (Dedicated Control Unit per vehicle)
  • Stage 2: Waypoint Navigation (semi or full autonomous)
  • Transportation of materials to required destinations while tugging load cart
  • Perimeter Security with PTZ Camera – Live Feed
  • Payload Capacity : 250Kg
  • Towing Capacity : 700Kg

Complete Solution for Critical Ops

Our ATV AMR is the complete solution deployed for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, gathering data for actionable intelligence in addition to multiple functions like detection and prevention. The system can be left out there as a standalone or mobile observation point, and return to base when the mission is complete.

Additional ApplicATIONS

  • Thermal Camera : Optional as per customer requirements for detecting heat signatures
  • Night-Vision Camera : For day-night operations
  • Platform can be fitted with additional sensors for detecting air quality, gas leak etc. (sensor types to be discussed with customer for addressing specific types of leakages)
  • ATV Platform – Electric Operated
  • Addressing fire extinguishing needs in critical areas
  • Applicable to chemical plants, oil & gas plants and storage depots
  • Can move into hazardous environment without human involvement
  • Fast and effective response to emergency situation
  • 360° rotating water cannon

Haul Advantage :

Stay ahead of the conventional workflow!
Aspire in assured autonomous mobility!
Visualize reality with our mobile robots!

  • Easy Implementation : Our AMRs are easy to deploy, they can be switched to perform new tasks.
  • Safety : Haul offers complete safe environment. Advance obstacle and anti-collision technology
  • Cost Efficiency – Our AMRs significantly reduce the cost by doing the work accurately and help industries address labour shortages for undesirable jobs, increase productivity and competitiveness.
  • We are independent of additional infrastructure to be setup for operating the AMR.
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